Hello dear readers,

Today I will present you a tool I just recently found. This tool is called PowToon. If you haven’t check out PowToon, you don’t know what you’re missing.PowToon is a video making free online software. It is quite simple to use and great to make small lesson videos or even animated slideshows. To create videos, PowToon works like animated video divided in slides, but if you are familiar with PowerPoint or Prezi, “slides” will be a breeze to use, so I will not go into much detail there. The slides are 20 seconds long and play automatically. In those slides, you can put texts, pictures, sounds and interactive buttons from a big selection from the website. You can even voice over your lessons to have oral instructions. Also, almost everything can be animated and you can make some real amazing things. However, the thing with the voice over option is that it isn’t that well done. You have to record your voice separately and cannot play your video in the same time. It was really inconvenient for me. It was so much inconvenient that I chose to record my voice with a third party software so that I could record it as my lesson was playing. But like I said, you can make some great videos quite easily. If it wasn’t for the bad voice over option, I would be in love. Also, PowToon has a free and pay to get more model, but I am not complaining. The free alternative still has a lot of resources to use and does the ob quite well.

PowToon can be a great teaching tool, letting you create fun, unique animated presentations. It can also provide students a unique platform for creating presentations as well, which can be a great tool in a Project Based Learning or other type of Active Learning classroom environment.

PowToon is more than just a flashy way to focus your students’ attention. It is also a great way to pack a lot of content into a few minutes of classroom time. Instead of having your students spend almost an hour listening to a lecture and practicing, they can spend a few minutes watching the video, save the link, and revisit the lesson later if needed.

I really think that PowToon has its place in classrooms or even outside of classrooms. PowToon can certainly be a fun addition to the Flipped Classroom. If you don’t know what is the Flipped Classroom yet, well… First, you haven’t read some of my posts and second, you are really missing on something. So, if you haven’t heard of flipped classroom, you should check it out. It is basically having students learn the content outside of classroom and leave the classroom for meaningful content that they can’t do at home. This is were PowToon is used. You make video lessons for your students to watch at home leaving more time in your classroom to practice and do the fun stuff.

PowToon is a great too to make nice and fun presentations and video lessons.

Here is an example of lesson made with PowToon

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